Finding a doctor

Good medical care is important

Finding a family doctor and a dentist is important to your overall health. A family doctor and dentist will work with you to manage your family’s health care and provide good medical advice.

Finding a doctor and dentist

You should start to look for these soon after you arrive. Depending on where you live, it could take several weeks or months to find a doctor or dentist for you and your family.

Health care professionals are listed in the yellow pages of your telephone book under Physicians and Surgeons, or Dentists. If they are unable to take on additional patients, ask if can direct you to a doctor or dentist in your area who is accepting new patients.

Once you find a doctor

Medical observation (or examination) is how doctors use your health information to help ensure your overall well-being. Doctors use physical examination to detect early stages of diseases, such as heart conditions or certain types of cancer. They do this so they can treat diseases before they become more serious. Physical examinations can also detect infectious diseases that might hurt other people.

Ask your doctor about getting regular medical examinations for your and your family.

If you cannot find a doctor

If a family doctor is not available, or you cannot wait for an appointment, you can visit a walk-in clinic. Some clinics are open evenings and weekends when other doctors’ offices are closed.

Clinics offer many health services without an appointment or if you are having a small emergency that is not life threatening. Find clinics by looking under Clinics or Clinics-Medical in the yellow pages of your telephone book.

Using hospital services

If your community does not have a walk-in clinic, and you are having a minor emergency, you might be able to visit the hospital as an outpatient. The outpatient service is similar to a clinic. It is not the same as a hospital emergency room.

For more information about health care in Canada and how to locate doctors or clinics in your area, visit the Health Care System website.

Immigrant services in your area

Our interactive map will help you to search for immigrant services in your area.

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