Ways to settle into your new home

There are many ways you can settle into Canadian society and your new way of life. One way is to get to know Canada, its people and places, and learn as much as you can about the culture of your new community. It is also important that you remain open to new ideas and experiences without letting go of your own beliefs.

If you are not sure about something, ask questions and talk to Canadians and other newcomers about their country and their experiences in Canada. Most people will be happy to help.

Support is available

You will find it easier to adapt if you use the services of immigrant-serving organizations. Do not be embarrassed about asking for help. By asking for help you may be able to adjust more easily and enjoy life in Canada.

Learning how to adjust to a new culture

  • Do not overload yourself or expect everything to go smoothly. It is normal for every person living in a new culture to experience stress and challenges.
  • Understand that being aware of cultural differences is part of the process of getting used to your new environment.
  • Explore cultural differences. This can help you avoid misunderstandings, make friends and feel more comfortable.
  • Stay in touch with friends and family to avoid feeling alone and isolated.
  • Involve yourself in the community as a volunteer; this is a good way to meet people and to practice your English or French.
  • Enroll in an English or French language class to improve your language skills.
  • Get involved in activities that interest you: music, sports, dance, art, learning a language, etc. You may also want to participate in your new community. Contact your local tourism office to learn more about events or festivals taking place in your area.
  • Accept that you and your family may have to grieve what you may have lost and left behind. This may include losing touch with friends and family, leaving pets or sentimental things behind or feeling lost in a new culture.
  • Find out about the help offered by immigrant-serving organizations.

Help your family adjust

Be sure to talk to your family about the changes and challenges they will face so they too can prepare themselves for the process of integrating into Canada.

Although adapting to a new country is difficult, remember that you and your family are not alone. Others have gone through this process and have come to find success and happiness living in Canada.

Immigrant services in your area

Our interactive map will help you to search for immigrant services in your area.

Living in Canada video

  • This video offers information about:

    • Meeting people and making friends in Canada
    • Getting used to your new home
    • Children growing up in Canada

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