Adapt to a new culture

Common stages of adapting to culture shock

Though each person is different and will have a unique experience settling in to their new home, many people will go through four common stages of adapting to life in a new culture, often referred to as “culture shock.”

Contact an immigrant-serving organization to find out what resources are available in your community to help you cope with culture shock.

Stage 1: Happiness and fascination.

Just before or shortly after arriving in Canada you may:

  • Have high hopes and expect great things
  • Feel this is a very exciting time
  • Feel everything is new and interesting
  • Feel confident and that you can easily cope with problems and stress
  • Tend to focus on what is similar between Canada and the culture and country you come from

Stage 2: Disappointment, confusing feelings, frustration and irritation.

During the first six months you may:

  • Feel happy about the challenges you have overcome
  • Feel frustrated, confused and disappointed
  • Feel very positive one day and very negative the next
  • Focus on the differences between yourself and Canadians
  • Miss your family and feel no connection to Canada
  • Have difficulty going to work or looking for work
  • Feel loneliness for your country and loved ones
  • Feel guilty about leaving family members behind

Stage 3: Gradual adjustment or recovery.

During this stage of adjustment you may:

  • Feel more in control of your life as you gain a better understanding of Canada
  • Feel more confident in your language skills
  • Gradually get involved in the community
  • Have a better understanding of how to adapt to life in Canada
  • Have a better sense of what you need to do to get what you want in Canada

Stage 4: Acceptance and adjustment.

During this stage of adjustment you will likely:

  • Feel more comfortable in Canada
  • Have made some friends and be more involved in your new community
  • Understand better how things are done in Canada
  • Be studying, planning to return to school or working at better jobs
  • Generally feel content about having come to Canada

Immigrant services in your area

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Living in Canada video

  • This video offers information about:

    • Meeting people and making friends in Canada
    • Getting used to your new home
    • Children growing up in Canada

    To watch the video, select your language and the topic “Living”.

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