Winter tips

Dress well and have fun!

Winter weather is nothing to worry about—and something that can be a lot of fun—as long as you dress well when you are outside.

Make sure everyone in your family has a warm hat that covers the ears, warm mittens and boots, and a warm, thick coat that buttons or zips closed in the front. Boots with rubber soles are a good idea because they will keep you from slipping on ice and snow.

You should also layer your clothing. For example, you might decide to wear long underwear—also called long johns—or T‑shirts and sweaters underneath your outer clothing. This keeps you warmer than if you wear one thick layer.

Prepare to spend time outside

You can enjoy many winter sports such as skating, skiing, sledding or building snowmen. It is a good idea to listen to the radio or television, or read a newspaper before you go outside to make sure you know the temperature and weather forecast.

In very cold weather—temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius—do not leave any skin uncovered. Exposing skin in freezing temperatures could cause frostbite.

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