Manitoba is located between Ontario and Saskatchewan. More and more people from all around the world are moving to Manitoba. The strong economy offers many jobs. The province helps newcomers who want to find a good job, start a new business, and settle into a new life in Manitoba. English is the official language used here, but more than 200 other languages are spoken in different parts of the province.

You and your family will enjoy Manitoba's relaxed way of life. We welcome all newcomers to settle in Manitoba's friendly towns and cities to enjoy all that the province has to offer.

Services to help you settle in Manitoba

  • Visit to learn about immigrating to, and settling in, Manitoba.
  • The Settle Manitoba YouTube Channel has videos explaining the free services for newcomers, to help you adjust to life, improve your English skills and find the job you want (in China, these videos are available on
  • Visit Towns & Smaller Cities to learn about communities and local immigrant-serving agencies outside our capital city, Winnipeg.
  • The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program has online services to help people prepare to immigrate to Manitoba. You can improve your English and make your plans for settling and working here. In many countries, we offer information sessions to people who are immigrating as provincial nominees.
  • Pre-arrival online services are available to help you plan your career and improve your English while you are still in your home country.
  • Manitoba START is our immigrant welcome centre. Find out about free services to help you look for a job, get your qualifications accepted, and improve your English.
  • Learn about regulated professions and trades in Manitoba and find information to help you work in these occupations.

Resources for Francophone immigrants

  • The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program recruits Francophone immigrants to settle in franco-Manitoban towns and in St.Boniface, the French quarter of our capital city, Winnipeg.
  • L’Accueil francophone (in French only) offers free information, orientation and settlement services to francophone newcomers.


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