Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is on the east coast of Canada. It is part of the Maritime region.

The province offers a high quality of life. Here, you can balance your work, family and other responsibilities. Nova Scotia also has the technology and communication services, schools and other opportunities that you would expect to find in your new home.

Immigrants to Nova Scotia can get many free services to help them settle and feel at home.

If you are coming to Nova Scotia and plan to work in a regulated occupation, you should contact the provincial regulatory body responsible for that job. Experts can help you throughout the process.

Nova Scotia welcomes you to a safe and secure environment with freedom and opportunities for a great future.

Services to help you settle in Nova Scotia

  • Contact Nova Scotia Start if you are getting ready to move to Nova Scotia, or have just arrived here. This should be the first place you go to get help with finding a good job and settling in the province. You can get services in English and French.

Other free services to help you:

Resources for Francophone immigrants


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