Apply for the Federal Internship for Newcomers Program

The 2017-18 application process will begin in May. We’ll post positions on from May 4 to May 5, 2017.

The Federal Internship for Newcomers (FIN) Program offers newcomers a chance to gain valuable temporary Canadian work experience and training opportunities with federal, provincial, municipal and private sector organizations.

There are different opportunities every year. Employers offer internships in fields like:

  • administration
  • project management
  • policy and research
  • finance
  • computer science

Through the FIN Program, interns are hired as temporary employees and are able to:

  • understand job application and hiring processes
  • learn about Canadian workplace culture
  • network with professionals
  • attend orientation sessions or training
  • get guidance from a public service mentor

Who is eligible

To apply for the FIN Program you must have a post-secondary degree, except for some administrative positions where it’s only an asset.

You must register with a FIN Program partner immigrant-serving organization (ISO) and get a full screening by April 13, 2017. Contact the ISO as far ahead of the deadline as possible to make sure there is time for a full assessment.

Residency requirements

When you apply you must:

  • have immigrated permanently to Canada in the last ten years
  • be a permanent resident or a Canadian citizen
  • live or work in:
    • Ottawa/Gatineau (or within a 125 kilometre radius)
    • St. John’s, NL (or within a 150 km radius)
    • Toronto (or within a 125 kilometre radius)
    • Victoria (or within a 75 kilometre radius)
    • Vancouver (or within a 145 kilometre radius on Canadian territory)
      • FIN is delivered in Vancouver on an ad hoc basis (as-needed).

More locations may be added in future.

If you’re a graduate of the World University Service of Canada’s (WUSC) Student Refugee Program, you can apply from anywhere in Canada.

If you’ve lived in Canada longer than 10 years

If you’re a Canadian citizen who has lived in Canada for longer than 10 years, you can:

  • apply online for federal public service jobs on
  • participate in other specialized recruitment programs, such as the Post-Secondary Recruitment Program

Language skills and testing

FIN Program candidates must show proof that they have the necessary language skills in English or French.

If you decide to take a language course and show proof of skills through tests, you must have one of the following:

Only scores obtained on or after April 1, 2015, in these tests will be considered

Program completion

You may show degrees, diplomas, transcripts, or certificates from a recognized, post-secondary institution to prove your English or French language skills. Your institution may be in Canada or abroad, and your document must:

  • show that you successfully graduated or completed a program in English or in French
  • be in English or French, otherwise you should:
    • include a translation of the original document
    • submit a letter from the institution that proves the instruction language was English or French

If you’ve only taken some courses in English or French, we can’t accept them as proof of language

Past participants

If you interned in one previous program year, you can reapply if you:

  • meet the core eligibility criteria
  • have active and up-to-date files with an ISO
  • inform your ISO of your intent to apply before the registration deadline

You can’t reapply if you’ve completed one or more internships over two program years.

How to apply

Register with a Program partner

Before you apply you must register with a Program partner immigrant-serving organization (ISO) in-person. They will:

  • assess your:
    • core eligibility
    • language
    • job readiness
  • refer you to information sessions
  • tell you to get your credentials assessed (if needed)
  • give you more information on how to apply

Register with your ISO as far ahead of the deadline (13 April 2017) as possible to make sure there is time for a full assessment.

Even if you applied to the Program before, you must make sure that:

  • you’re registered with an ISO
  • your files are active, complete, and up-to-date
  • your employment counselor is aware of your intent to apply

You must complete this step. We’ll contact the ISO to make sure that you’ve successfully gone through this process.

Apply online when the positions are posted

When you apply online, provide:

  • the name and contact information of your ISO
  • detailed answers to all questions to show your:
    • skills
    • education
    • experience
  • a writing sample
  • proof that you meet the essential criteria
    • we’ll assess you against the Statement of Merit Criteria
  • an explanation of how you meet all the asset criteria
    • we may use asset qualifications to decide how many applicants will move to the next stage of the selection process

Apply only for positions for which you have the required education and experience.

Vancouver candidates: FIN is delivered in Vancouver on an ad hoc basis only. There is no online application process. Contact one of the FIN Program's immigrant-serving organization partners in Vancouver to find out more.

After you apply

If your application is screened in, you’ll be invited to an interview.

If you’re successful in your interview, you’ll be:

  • referred to an organization that needs interns
  • matched with jobs based on your skills and the organization’s needs

We don’t guarantee placement as only a limited number of internships are available.

Immigrant-serving organization partners

Contact a partner ISO to register.


St. John’s, NL

The Greater Toronto Area (GTA)


The Greater Vancouver Area

FIN is delivered in Vancouver on an ad hoc basis. There is no online application process. Contact an ISO in Vancouver to find out more.


World University Service of Canada (WUSC), for graduates of the Student Refugee Program only.

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