Documents to support your identity – adult passport applications

Adults need to provide at least one document to support their identity with a passport application.

The identification document must:

  • include your name;
  • include your sex;
  • include your date of birth;
  • include a photo of yourself;
  • include your signature;
  • be issued by a federal, provincial/territorial/state government authority or equivalent abroad; and
  • be valid.

If you do not have one piece of identification that includes all of the above, you may show multiple pieces of identification, that when combined meet all of these requirements.

Examples of identification documents that can be used:

  • Provincial or territorial (or equivalent abroad) driver's license
  • Provincial or territorial non-driver's license
  • Other federal, provincial or territorial identification card
  • Military identification
  • Certificate of Indian Status
  • Federal, provincial or territorial employee identification card
  • Canadian passport
  • Foreign passport that meets the requirements

Using your Canadian passport as identification

If your passport is still valid, you must submit it with your application.

Identification other than the passport needs to be provided if the passport was issued to you before you turned 16 years of age.

Additional identification must be issued by a federal, provincial, territorial, state government authority or equivalent abroad, and be valid.

If the passport is expired for no more than one year, we will accept a photocopy of page 2 certified by a guarantor.

If your passport is expired for longer than one year, you cannot use it as identification.

If your identification is not in English or French, you must provide an official translation of your identification.

Are you changing your name? Read more about the steps you need to take to change your name in your passport.

How to submit your documents

If applying by mail, you may submit original documents. Original documents will be returned to you.  If you want to submit photocopies of your documents, you must copy both sides of the document and have your guarantor sign and date the photocopies (both sides) to show that the originals have been seen.

If you are applying in person at a passport office, show an original document or photocopy to the passport or receiving agent.

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