Passport receiving agents

Many Service Canada Centres and Canada Post outlets are passport receiving agents, giving Canadians broader access to passport services across the country. Receiving agents can accept standard passport applications presented in person, review your application to make sure it is complete, collect your fee payment and supporting documents (proof of citizenship, identity document and photos), and send your application to the Passport Program for processing. Once the Passport Program has approved and issued your passport, it will be delivered to the mailing address specified in your application.

What can be submitted at a receiving agent

  • Passport renewal applications
  • Adult passport applications
  • Child passport applications - provided there is participation of both parents
  • Adult passport applications that include a name change due to a change in relationship status (with the accepted supporting documents)

What cannot be submitted at a receiving agent

  • An Urgent or Express application
  • An application where a passport that is still valid for more than one year is submitted with the new passport application
  • A child's application if only one of the parents is participating
  • Verbal or written evidence or documentation concerning a lost, stolen, inaccessible, damaged or found passport
  • Any application where the applicant does not have a guarantor and is using a Statutory Declaration in Lieu of Guarantor (PPTC 132)
  • Any requests other than standard adult, child and renewal applications
  • Applications that include a legal name change that is not due to a change in relationship status

What cannot be submitted at a Canada Post receiving agent

In addition to the list above, Canada Post receiving agents cannot accept applications requesting a name inscribed in the passport that is not identical to the name shown on the proof of Canadian citizenship and supporting identification (ID). Child applications do not require supporting ID, so the name on the application form must match the name on the proof of Canadian citizenship only.

Final decisions on passport entitlement are always made by the Passport Program.

Canada Post charges an extra $20 fee plus applicable taxes for each passport application.

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