Passport security

The Canadian passport is a valuable document that, in addition to facilitating international travel, also proves identity and citizenship. Maintaining the security of Canadian passport requires constant vigilance. As a passport holder you must play your part by taking care of this important travel document.

What to do if your passport is lost or stolen or if you found a passport

How to replace your passport, what to do it your passport is damaged and tips on how to take care of your passport.

Protect yourself from passport fraud and identity theft

How to keep your personal information safe and what you should know about false claims some organizations make about passport applications.

Refusal, revocations and suspended passports

Who can be refused a passport or have their passport revoked or suspended and the administrative decision process to do so.

Information for Canadian law enforcement

Guidelines for handling lost, stolen and found passports and how to return these passports to the passport program.


About your passport

Find out about Canadian passports and the advantages of an ePassport

Features of the passport

Find out about the features of the ePassport

Questions about passports?

Find quick and direct answers to your questions about Canadian passports, completing an application, and other travel information

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