Travel documents for non-Canadian adults and children

Canada issues two types of travel documents: the refugee travel document and the certificate of identity.

Travel documents are issued to residents of Canada who are convention refugees, protected persons, stateless persons, and permanent residents for less than 3 years who can’t get a national passport for a valid reason.

Services and Information

Determine your eligibility

Who can apply for a travel document and who can apply on behalf of a child

Apply for a travel document

Application forms for adults and children, what documents you need to submit and where to apply

Get a photo

Photo size, what can and cannot be worn in passport photos and who can take a passport photo

Check processing times

Travel document applications, urgent service, and express service

Pick up your travel document

Where to collect your travel document if you do not want it mailed to you and what to do when you receive it

Types of travel documents

Find out what types of travel documents and passports are issued by the Government of Canada.

Canadian temporary passports

For emergency or immediate need, temporary passports may be issued at a Canadian mission abroad.

Help centre

Find answers to your passport application questions.

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