Financial assistance – Refugees

The Canadian government has several programs to help refugees establish themselves in their new home.

Resettlement Assistance Program

Resettlement assistance is provided by the Government of Canada to Convention Refugees Abroad and, in some instances, to members of the Country of Asylum Class who have been identified as refugees with special needs and who have been admitted to Canada as government-assisted refugees. Refugees who claimed refugee protection from inside Canada are not eligible for this program. These funds are used to help pay for:

  • meeting the refugee at the airport or port of entry;
  • temporary accommodation;
  • help in finding permanent accommodation;
  • basic household items; and
  • general orientation to life in Canada.

This money is also used to give the refugee income support for up to one year or until that person becomes self-sufficient, whichever comes first.

Immigration Loans Program

The Immigration Loans Program (ILP) helps government-assisted and privately sponsored members of the Convention Refugees Abroad and Country of Asylum classes cover:

  • the costs of medical examinations abroad;
  • travel documents; and
  • transportation to Canada.

Loans are approved according to the applicant’s needs and ability to repay.

Assistance loans are also available to newcomers to cover expenses such as housing rental, telephone deposits and work tools.

Interest is charged on ILP loans. The interest rate is set each January by the Department of Finance.

Immigrant services in your area

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