#WelcomeRefugees: Key figures

The Government of Canada resettled more than 25,000 Syrian refugees between November 4, 2015 and February 29, 2016. Our commitment to resettling Syrian refugees to Canada is continuing in 2016.

Welcoming in Canada

Breakdown by category

Data as of May 15, 2016
Refugee category Number of refugees
Government-Assisted Refugee 15,355
Blended Visa-Office Referred Refugee 2,341
Privately Sponsored Refugee 9,494
TOTAL 27,190

Welcoming communities

Screening and processing

Refugee resettlement applications

Data as of May 15, 2016
Results by country Jordan Lebanon Turkey Other locations Total
Applications in progress 3,046 8,469 3,599 2,154 17,268
Applications finalized, but the refugees have not yet travelled to Canada 443 1,738 472 184 2,837

Note: In Turkey, the Government of Turkey is responsible for communicating with and registering Syrian refugees


In most cases, the data on this page is updated weekly (Wednesdays). This is preliminary information and is subject to change.

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