#WelcomeRefugees: Stories from the journey

Welcoming Syrian refugees to Canada was a historic effort, and we want to share some stories, videos and photos of the journey and everyone who helped make it happen.


St. Joseph School

Grade 6 students in Acton, Ontario made welcome cards for Syrian children arriving in Canada.

Uzi Kamal

Uzi's family left Syria in the early 90s and found Canada to be everything they hoped for in a new home.


Since arriving in Canada as a refugee in May 2015, Mohamed feels safe and at home.

Behind the scenes

It takes a lot of human power to bring an initiative like this to life. Take a look at what's happening "behind the scenes" to #WelcomeRefugees to Canada.

Task Force Jordan

Canadian Armed Forces personnel share photos of their journey to #WelcomeRefugees.

Visa office in Jordan

Visa officer Zal Karkaria shares a glimpse into the operations centre in Amman.

The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF)

The CAF is operating at full speed to support refugee resettlement.

Global Affairs Canada

Brigitte Lapierre explains how government employees prepare to work well with refugees.


Additional videos are available in our Video centre and on our YouTube channel.

Helping young newcomers integrate in Canada: Halifax

Length: 5:29 minutes
Date: April 15, 2016

Resettling to Canada: Welcoming Syrian Refugees

Length: 3:47 minutes
Date: March 30, 2016

Nova Scotians helping Syrian refugees to resettle in Canada

Length: 4:19 minutes
Date: March 17, 2016


Browse photos from the initiative - from the Minister’s visit to refugee camps and offices overseas to the welcoming of Syrian refugees on Canadian soil.

There are additional photos and stories in the refugees’ own words on our Facebook page.

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