For Canadians

Apply to sponsor a family member, refugee or foreign worker to come to Canada, adopt a child from abroad, get proof of your Canadian citizenship, travel and work abroad, celebrate citizenship or get a passport.

Sponsor a family member

Includes applications and processing times for sponsoring spouses, partners, dependent children or other eligible relatives to Canada.

Get proof of citizenship

Includes applications and processing times for a citizenship certificate, and a list of other documents accepted as proof of Canadian citizenship.

Adopt a child from abroad

Includes application steps, processing times, finding adoption authorities and a list of countries with adoption suspensions.

Sponsor a refugee

Includes who can sponsor a refugee, and how to submit an application.

Hire an internationally trained worker

Includes requirements for hiring foreign workers, live-in caregivers, international students, permanent workers and interns.

Travel and work abroad

Information for Canadian youth who want to travel and work in another country through the International Experience Canada Program.

Get a passport

Includes adult and child passport applications, passport offices and processing times for renewals and new applications.

Celebrate being Canadian

Includes citizenship ceremonies and activities, Canadian history and contests and awards.

What we are doing

Tips for completing your passport application

Find out how you can submit a complete and correct passport application.

Embrace Canadian culture

Immerse yourself in history. Find out more about multiculturalism in Canada.

Travelling abroad

Find information and tips on destinations, travel documents, travel health, returning to Canada and more.

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