Report on the Evaluation of Canada’s Membership in the IOM


CHF: Swiss Francs

CIC: Citizenship and Immigration Canada

CIDA: Canadian International Development Agency

COA: Canadian Orientation Abroad program

FAC: Foreign Affairs Canada

DI: Discretionary Income, a component of the IOM Operational Budget

EX: Executive Committee of the IOM

ICM: Intergovernmental Committee for Migration, the former name of the IOM

ICRC: International Committee of the Red Cross

IDP: International Development Program of the United Nations

ILO: International Labour Organization

IML: International Migration Law, an initiative of the IOM

IOM: International Organization for Migration

IPC (BSK): International Policy Coordination Division, CIC

MRF: Mission with Regional Functions, a regional office of the IOM

MRP: Migration Research and Policy, a recent initiative of the IOM

P&B: Programme and Budget of the IOM, a document produced each year

SCBF: Sub-Committee of Budget and Finance, of the IOM

TBS: Treasury Board Secretariat

UNHCR: United Nations High Commission for Refugees

USD: US Dollars

ZNG: Zero Net Growth

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