Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s statistical publications provide information on permanent and temporary residents as well as immigration and citizenship programs.

Open data – Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada

Search the Open Data Portal to obtain relevant statistical information from immigration and citizenship programs, including tables previously available from the Quarterly Administrative Data Release.

Facts and figures

This annual publication from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada provides statistical information about new permanent residents to Canada and temporary residents entering Canada to work, study or for humanitarian and compassionate reasons.

Citizenship and Immigration statistics archives (1966 to 1996)

Annual statistical publications describing Canada’s immigration and citizenship programs. Production ceased with the publication of the report for 1996.

Older Research and Statistics reports can be found on the Library and Archives Canada and the Government of Canada Publications websites.

Requests for other IRCC statistics

To submit a request for data, please email the mailbox with a detailed description of your requested report. Please note that ad hoc requests for data may require a cost recovery fee to be paid as per the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations.

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