Facts and figures

Consult Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s annual statistical publication to learn about new permanent residents to Canada as well as temporary residents entering Canada to work, study or for humanitarian and compassionate reasons.

Facts and Figures 2013 — Immigration overview: Permanent and temporary residents

Facts and Figures 2011 Digital Library

The Facts and Figures 2011 Digital Library is a bilingual collection of statistical tables describing Canada’s permanent and temporary residents. The tables are available in Excel and are easily accessible through a built-in search engine.

The collection includes annual statistics for both permanent and temporary residents for calendar years 1987 to 2011 along with a series of tables describing additional selected characteristics for the ten-year period from 2002 to 2011. Tables are provided for Canada, the provinces and territories, and selected urban areas. The temporary resident section includes information for foreign workers, foreign students, refugee claimants and other humanitarian cases.

Annual statistics are provided for new permanent residents, total entries of temporary residents and temporary residents present on December 1st as well as for transitions from one temporary resident status to another and from temporary resident to permanent resident status.

Please contact Research-Recherche@cic.gc.ca to request a copy of the Facts and Figures 2011 Digital Library DVD.

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