Changing post-secondary schools in your account

You need to let us know every time you change post-secondary schools. You will need:

  1. an online account. If you applied for your study permit on paper, you need to create an account and then link your application.
  2. the number of your study permit (it begins with the letter “S” and is at the top right of the permit). For security reasons we may ask you to provide a few details from your application, so have it handy.
  3. the DLI number of your new school. You can find it on the list of designated learning institutions.
  4. your new Student Identification Number (Student ID) You can find it on the acceptance letter from your new school.
  5. the start date at your new school.

Change DLIs

Follow these steps to change your school:

  • sign in to your account
  • under the section Designated Learning Institution Student Transfer, click on Transfer from DLI number
  • enter your study permit application number
  • click on Search for my application. You may need to enter more details about your original study permit application.
  • enter the DLI number, your Student ID and the Start Date
  • click on Submit transfer
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