Get a study permit

Find out if you are can apply for a study permit, what you need to apply and how to apply. Also learn what to do after you submit your application and before you arrive in Canada.

Find out if you can study in Canada

Who can apply for a study permit and in some cases where you can study in Canada without a permit

Prepare to study in Canada

Find a designated learning institution and get the documents you need to apply

Apply for a study permit

Apply, find forms and fees, and check processing times

Check processing times

How long it takes to process your application

Check your application status

Get updates through your online account about your study permit application progress

Find out what to do after you apply

How we review your application, change your address and what happens when your application is approved or refused

Prepare for your arrival

Find out what documents you need when you come to Canada, permit terms and conditions, how to leave and come back to Canada, information about health insurance

Learn about student life in Canada

Read more about what it's like to be a student in Canada and how to make the most of your experience.

Schools you can attend

Find a university or college on the designated learning institutions list

Questions about studying?

Find quick and direct answers to your questions about studying in Canada.

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