Apply for work permit—Working off campus

If you study in Canada and you want to work off campus, you must apply for a work permit.

1. Determine how you will apply

There are two ways you can apply:

Apply online

To apply online you must have access to a scanner or camera to create electronic copies of your documents for uploading and have a valid credit card for payment. Determine your eligibility and apply online.

Note: If you provide an email address on your application, please ensure you check it regularly for automated emails from CIC regarding your case. Some spam filters block these emails, and clients are requested to ensure emails from CIC are not blocked. If you are unsure whether emails from CIC are being sent, please check your myCIC account on a regular basis.

Apply on paper

Please follow steps 2 to 4 below.

2. Get the application package

The package includes the application guide and all the forms you need to fill out. Download the application package.

Read the guide carefully before you complete the application form. The fee for processing your form is not refundable, so make sure you are eligible for a work permit before you apply.

Photocopy the blank forms and use one as a working copy. Keep the working copy for your records.

The application form contains instructions. Read those instructions and provide the required documents. If information or documents are missing, your application may be delayed. The document checklist in the application kit will enumerate the documents you need to include.

Answer all questions carefully, completely and truthfully. Answers can be typed or handwritten (print clearly in black ink). Incomplete applications will not be processed. They will be returned to you.

3. Pay your application fees

The application processing fee is payable in Canadian funds only.

Payment of fees online is the preferred method of payment.

To pay your fees online, you must:

  • have a PDF Reader;
  • have a printer;
  • have a valid email address;
  • have a Visa®, MasterCard® or American Express® credit card;
  • print the “receipt of payment” page and include it with your application; and
  • pay the fees using the Internet when you are ready.

To pay your fees at a financial institution in Canada, you must:

  • Obtain an original payment receipt form (IMM 5401). Order it online or contact the Call Centre.
  • Fill the receipt form and bring it with you when you go to pay your fees.
  • Include the completed payment receipt form (IMM 5401) with your application.

For more detailed instructions, read the “Pay the fees” section of the application guide.

4. Submit your application

The application kit contains the mailing address where you must send your application.

Apply online

Apply online for a visa, study or work permit

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