Apply – Visit Canada as a tourist

Make sure you need a visa to visit Canada

Before you apply, find out which entry document you need to visit Canada. This could be a visa or an Electronic Travel Authorization. The entry document you need depends on:

  • the type of travel document you plan to travel with
  • the country that issued your travel document
  • your nationality
  • your method of travel to Canada for this trip

Make sure you know what to do if your minor children (children under the age of 18) will be travelling with you, with someone else, or alone.

There are two ways to apply for a visitor visa: online or on paper. If you need help with your application, you can contact your nearest visa application centre (VAC).

Apply online for a visitor visa

To apply online you must have:

  • access to a scanner or camera to create electronic copies of your documents for uploading and
  • a valid credit card for payment.

If you provide an email address on your application, check your email account often for emails from us. Make sure that our emails aren’t blocked by your spam filters

Find out if you are eligible and apply online

Apply on paper for a visitor visa

If you have a valid study or work permit and are planning to leave and return to Canada, you can apply for a new visitor visa before you leave Canada.

1. Get the application package

The application package includes an instruction guide and all the forms you need to fill out.

Read the guide carefully before you complete the application. We will not refund your application fee, so make sure you are eligible for a temporary resident (visitor) visa before you apply.

Each individual applicant must submit a completed application form. Applicants under the age of 18 must have this form signed by a parent or a guardian.

Download the application package

2. Pay your application fees

In most countries, application fees must be paid in Canadian dollars. Find out more about fees and which payment methods you can use.

If you apply on paper at a VAC, you will also have to pay the VAC services fees. These fees are not already included in your application fees.

3. Submit your application

Families should send their individual applications in one package. The principal applicant must send this combined package to the location where their application will be processed.

If you need to give biometrics (fingerprints and photograph), and you are applying on paper, don’t mail in your application. Submit your application in person. VAC staff will check that it is complete and will confirm that you have paid the correct fees before you can give your biometrics.


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