International Experience Canada – travel and work in Canada

Note: IEC is also available for Canadian youth that want to travel and work abroad.


International Experience Canada (IEC) provides young individuals the opportunity to travel and work in Canada. IEC is available in countries and territories that have a bilateral youth mobility agreement with Canada. If your country of citizenship does not have an agreement with Canada, you may be able to use a Recognized Organization to come to Canada under IEC.

As of November 21, 2015, there is a new application process to become an IEC participant:

Become a candidate

Your first step is to become a candidate in one or more International Experience Canada pools.

Apply for a work permit

After you receive your Invitation to Apply, follow the steps to apply for a work permit under International Experience Canada.

Check processing times

Find out how long it will take for CIC to process your application.

After you apply: get next steps

Find out what you should do after you apply for your work permit.

Prepare for arrival

Be prepared and know what to expect when you arrive in Canada.

Applying to International Experience Canada

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