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As of November 21, 2015, there is a new application process for participating in International Experience Canada (IEC).

If you want to travel and work temporarily in Canada as part of IEC, your first step is to become a candidate in one or more IEC pools.

How to become a candidate

This is a process where you:

  • use the online tool, Come to Canada, to find out if you are eligible by answering a series of questions, and if so,
  • create a free online IEC profile.

The information in your profile will be used to determine if you are eligible for a pool in one or more IEC categories:

  • International Co-op (Internship),
  • Working Holiday, or
  • Young Professionals.

Your profile will tell you which categories you are eligible for. There is one pool of eligible candidates per country and per category. You can submit your profile to one or more of these pools. Candidates in the pools must receive an Invitation to Apply before they can apply online for a work permit.

To help you complete your online profile, you may want to open this page in a different browser, tab or window while you do so. You can then refer back to this information as needed to guide you through the profile.

Step 1: Answer a few easy questions

Use the quick and interactive online tool, Come to Canada, to see if you meet the criteria to get into the IEC pools. It will take you about 10 minutes.

When you get to the end, a personal reference code will show on the screen. Write it down. You will need it later when you build your profile.

If you already have an account, you can login and complete the questionnaire there.

You must select “IEC – Travel and Work” or “International Experience Canada” in the Come to Canada tool or your account. If you select any other option, you cannot create an IEC profile.

Step 2: Complete your online IEC profile

If you get a positive result from Come to Canada, the tool will send you to your account, which is used for all online profiles and applications. With your account, you can complete and submit your IEC profile online. If you receive an Invitation to Apply for a work permit, you will also use your account to submit your work permit application, pay your fees and check the status of your application.

If you do not already have an account, you will need to create one. Then you will complete an IEC profile to tell us about your:

  • identity (full names, date of birth, place of birth etc.)
  • country of citizenship
  • country of permanent residence (where you live permanently)
  • country of residence (where you live now)
  • contact information
  • student status (if this applies to you)
  • job offer (if this applies to you)

Note: Your country of permanent residence is the country where you have a permanent address. For example, if you are a Mexican student in Canada, your country of permanent residence is Mexico.

You will need:

  • passport
  • your personal reference code from the Come to Canada tool, if you have one. (It looks like this: JM1234567890. We use it to bring the answers you provided in the tool into your account so you do not have to answer the questions again. If you go to the profile builder directly through your account, you will not have a code. Instead, you will answer the questions while logged into your account).

You may exit the profile at any time. Your information will be saved. Please note: if you do not complete the IEC profile in 60 days, you will not be able to submit it and will have to start again.

Step 3: Submit your profile

Depending on your situation, you may be eligible for one or more IEC categories. For each category in which you are eligible, you can decide if you want to submit your profile to be added to the pool of candidates.

Important: Submitting an IEC profile does not mean you have applied for a work permit. If you receive an Invitation to Apply, then you need to give us more information in your application for a work permit, including supporting documentation and fees.

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