Ineligible employers

New fees to be paid by employers and open work permit applicants are being introduced on February 21, 2015. There is also a new process that employers must follow when hiring Labour Market Impact Assessment-exempt foreign workers.

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Regulations prohibit a foreign worker from entering into or extending an employment agreement with an ineligible employer.

In December 2013, new rules aimed at strengthening the ineligible employers list took effect. These changes included allowing investigations of employers at any time. In the past, an employer could only be investigated when a new work permit application was submitted by a worker they were hiring.

Please visit the Employment and Social Development Canada website for a list of employers who have had Labour Market Impact Assessments suspended or revoked.

Ministerial instructions

As of July 14, 2012, the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration has identified employers in businesses where there are reasonable grounds to suspect a risk of sexual exploitation of some workers as ineligible for the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. These businesses were identified as strip clubs, escort services and massage parlours.

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