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  • profile number,
  • country of origin,
  • priority,
  • medical requirements,
  • family size, or
  • recommended destination.

If you wish to view the complete list of profiles, click only the search button.

Once you have chosen a case, email the Refugee Sponsorship Training Program (RSTP) the profile number and details of the additional information you require. Please note that RSTP will provide you with further instructions.

Identifying a match

As a Sponsorship Agreement Holder, you should review the profiles carefully to ensure your sponsoring group and community will be able to meet the needs of that refugee(s). If a profile indicates existing family or friends in Canada, it is recommended that only sponsoring groups in that community sponsor the case.

Obtaining additional information

To obtain additional information on particular profiles, email RSTP.

Should there be additional, relevant settlement information on a particular profile, there will be a note under Additional Information saying “Please contact the Matching Centre by sending your request to RSTP.”

If a sponsoring group wishes to receive information on annotated cases, they should email RSTP.

When emailing, please include the following details in your message:

  • sponsoring group name,
  • contact information, such as:
    • name
    • telephone number, and
  • profile number(s) of interest.

RSTP will be the intermediary between the sponsoring group and the Matching Centre. All communication from the sponsoring group must go through RSTP first. The local IRCC offices will come into play later on in the process.

Sponsoring a case and preparing to submit the sponsorship undertaking

Once the sponsoring group has decided to sponsor the case, they should immediately contact RSTP to confirm their commitment to submit an undertaking to sponsor.

  1. RSTP will notify the Matching Centre who will then remove the profile from the website and notify the Visa Office, Centralized Processing Office – Winnipeg (CPO-W) and the local office
  2. The Matching Centre will then provide the necessary information to the sponsoring group (i.e. names, date of birth, etc.) so that the forms can be completed and submitted to CPO-W.

Family travelling with sponsored refugee

If you are interested in a profile that indicates a non-sponsored family member will be travelling to Canada with the sponsored refugee, you should clarify the role that the family member expects you to play, if any, in their settlement. Please contact RSTP for these cases, to obtain more information.

Time frames for processing

The Matching Centre will remove the case from the website as soon as notification of sponsorship from the RSTP is received.

The Visa Office will coordinate travel arrangements and send a Notification of Arrival Transmission (NAT) to the Matching Centre. The Matching Centre will send the NAT to the sponsor, RSTP and the local office.

Monitoring of profiled cases

Your local Canada Immigration Centre will do a 6 to 10 month review of all profiled cases to determine:

  • if the refugee's needs are being met;
  • if the case should have been referred as a Joint Assistance Sponsorship;
  • if the refugee's situation has changed (e.g., a dependant has now arrived under a one-year window of opportunity);
  • how sponsorship support could be modified (e.g., the refugee does not want sponsors involved in resettlement because the family is providing support); and
  • if income support is still required for an extended period of time (over 12 months) based on information from the above noted assessment.

All requests to modify assistance will be done in consultation with the sponsor.

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