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What is a complete application package?

Your application package is complete once you:

  • answer all the questions on the application form
  • submit proof you paid the fees that apply to your application and
  • submit all needed forms and documents

If you forget to send a document and/or pay the fees that apply

  • we may return your application to you
  • your processing time may be delayed, or
  • we may refuse your application

To find out what you need to include so your application is complete:

  1. First
    • read the instruction guide and the application package that includes the application forms you need to fill out and shows the fees you need to pay, or
    • use the Come to Canada tool to
      • find out if you’re eligible to apply
      • get a personalized document checklist with a list of documents you need to submit, based on your specific situation
  2. If what you’re applying for involves travel to Canada

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