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Do I need to include medical exams and police certificates for an Express Entry application to be complete?

Yes, you must include all medical exam confirmation letters and police certificates for your application for permanent residence to be complete.

The online system will not let you submit an application before you upload these documents.

If you upload something else instead (for example, a blank document), we will reject the application after reviewing it and we will refund your fees.

Exceptional cases

In rare cases, you may not be able to get a police certificate despite your best efforts. (For example, you applied in the first week after we invited you to apply, but it did not arrive within the 60-day timeframe).

If this happens, you need to upload, with your complete application:

  • proof that you applied for a police certificate, and
  • a letter of explanation.

Proof includes things like receipts that prove you submitted paperwork and any fees related to your request.

You must show that you made your best efforts to get all the documents you needed.

If you need a police certificate from a country where we must request it from them, upload a letter of explanation that explains this.

There is no guarantee we will accept a letter of explanation in place of any required document, including a police certificate. We consider each application under Express Entry on its own merits.

If you did not submit a police certificate with your application, only proof that you applied for one, please do not send the police certificate when you get it. Only send it to us once we ask you to through your account.

We will send you new instructions on how to submit them.

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