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How do I report a scam or a fraud?

Immigration fraud

Call the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) Border Watch Toll-free Line to report:

  • suspicious border activity
  • a marriage of convenience
  • a person who has given false information on any immigration application or
  • a person wanted on an immigration warrant

What you tell the tip line is confidential. You don’t have to provide your name, and calls aren’t recorded.

Citizenship fraud

Please email us to report a person who:

  • pretended to live in Canada to become a citizen or
  • hid information about their case

Provide as much information as possible, such as:

  • if the person is a Canadian citizen or has applied for citizenship
  • the person’s name
  • their date of birth
  • their address
  • their telephone number
  • their employment information
  • their work hours
  • their method of transportation
  • a physical description and
  • details regarding the situation (e.g. criminal activities, misrepresentation, fraud)

The information you give is confidential. You don’t have to provide your name.

Telephone, internet, mail or other type of scam

If you have been the target of a telephone, internet, mail or other type of scam and unwittingly provided personal or financial information, contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre:

  • by telephone at 1-888-495-8501 or
  • through their website

If you’re outside Canada, contact your local police.

Find out more about protecting yourself from fraud.

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