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I received threats from someone who says they are from the immigration department. Is it a scam?

If someone posing as an immigration official threatens to arrest, deport, assault or kidnap you, it is a scam. Our staff would never behave in this way.

It is a scam if you are told you will be arrested, go to jail, lose your visa or status, be deported, or have your account suspended if you don’t pay money or give your personal information.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada will not contact you in person, online or over the telephone to collect fees or fines to avoid deportation or other consequences.

Be aware: Scammers often give a fake name and agent number to appear legitimate. If you think the caller is a scammer:

  • ask for the name and number of the agent, and
  • call the Call Centre to confirm the agent’s identity.

If you received suspicious threats:

Find out more about how to report fraud.

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