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How can I get a copy of my receipt after paying my fees?

There are different ways to get a copy of your receipt depending on how you paid and applied.

If you:

  • applied online: sign in to your account and select Check status and messages. Your receipt number will be in your submission confirmation message.
  • paid online for a paper application: we will email you a copy of your receipt. To get copies of your past receipts login to your online payment account and select View all receipts from the menu bar.
  • paid at a bank in Canada: you must contact the bank you paid with to see if they have a copy of your receipt.
  • paid online for an eTA or through the Employer Portal: your receipt is only available on the receipt screen immediately following your payment. You cannot get another copy of your receipt after you leave the receipt screen.
  • paid any other way: use the web form to request a copy of your receipt. This includes if you paid at a bank outside Canada, with a bank draft, money order or pre-authorized credit card form.

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