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Why did you change the number of points for a valid job offer in Express Entry?

By awarding additional points for a job offer based on the NOC, we can get a better balance of top talent from the pool.

This means that if you have a high CRS score for your skills and experience alone, you are more likely to be invited to apply.

For a valid job offer under Express Entry, you can now get:

  • 200 CRS points for NOC 00 jobs
  • 50 CRS points for any other NOC 0, A and B jobs.

We used to award 600 points for a valid job offer. This changed on November 19, 2016.

Those points caused the system to place too much weight on job offers. This made it hard for highly skilled people without job offers, who we want in our economy, to be invited to apply.

This change will better recognize both a person’s skills and experience with the value they bring to the economy.

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