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I got a refund but it was not the same amount I paid. Why?

This happens when you pay in your local currency instead of Canadian dollars. The amount of your refund depends on the exchange rate. When we refund you, the amount you get back reflects the exchange rate on the day we issue the refund. Exchange rates change every day so the amount you get back won’t match what you paid.

The Canadian dollar value of your payment and your refund will always be the same.

Refunding an online payment

We collect and refund online payments in Canadian dollars. When we issue a refund to a card using another currency, your bank will convert it from Canadian dollars for you. We are not involved in this exchange process.

Refunding cheques and other payment methods

If your mailing address at the time of your refund request is overseas, we will issue your refund by cheque or direct deposit in your local currency. We use the exchange rate from the day we issue the refund.

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