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I filled out the interest to sponsor form, but haven’t received anything yet. What should I do?

After you successfully submitted the interest to sponsor form, you saw a page with your confirmation number. Keep this number for your records. You can use it later to find out if you’re invited.

We also sent you an email to confirm that we received your interest to sponsor form. You should have received it within 24 hours of submitting the form.

If you didn’t receive our email even though you saw a confirmation screen saying that you successfully submitted the form:

  • check the same email account you used on the interest to sponsor form
  • check the junk mail folder to see if the email from us is there

If you gave us the wrong email address

If you think you may have entered your email address incorrectly in the interest to sponsor form, ask us to update it. We need your correct email address to contact you when we start inviting potential sponsors to submit a complete application.

Invitations to apply

We’ll start sending invitations to apply after we review the submissions and remove duplicates. We’ll only send you an email if we invite you to submit a complete application.

We’ll announce when we start emailing potential sponsors on our

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