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What does my status mean when I check my citizenship application status?

When you check your application status for your citizenship grant application, you’ll see one of these status updates:


“Received” means your application is ready to be processed and you:

  • answered all the questions on the form
  • sent all the required documents
  • paid the fees

It may be several weeks between when we get your application and it’s ready to be processed.

In process

“In process” means we started processing your application.

While your application is in process, we’ll invite you to the citizenship test, if you need to take it, interview, and hearing if you need one.

If we need more information from you before we make a decision, we’ll contact you.

Decision made

“Decision made” means we either approved or refused your application. A citizenship official makes a decision on your application after the test, if you had to take it, interview, and hearing, if you had one.

If we approved your application, you passed the citizenship test, if you had to take it, and meet all the requirements for citizenship. We’ll send you an invitation to take the Oath of Citizenship at a citizenship ceremony. You must continue to meet all of the requirements for citizenship until you take the Oath at the ceremony. We can change the decision if your situation changes and you no longer meet the requirements.

If we refused your application, you don’t meet the requirements for citizenship. We’ll send you a letter by registered mail explaining why.

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