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I’ve reached the maximum number of participations for my country or category in IEC. If I get an invitation to apply, can I participate in the program again?

No. Even if you get a “Welcome to the Pool Letter” and an invitation to apply, for many countries, you can’t participate in the same category twice. For some countries, you can only participate once, even if you apply to a different pool.

Check the eligibility requirements before you submit your profile or pay any fees. We only decide if you’re able to participate in the program once we review the work permit. If you’re not eligible, your application will be refused and we’ll refund you the IEC fee. However, if you’ve given your biometrics, we can’t refund the biometrics fee.

If you’ve reached the maximum number of participations for your country or pool, you may still be able to participate in IEC through a Recognized Organization (RO). Learn more about using an RO.

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