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My application was returned because something was missing. What can I do?

If we return your application because it’s incomplete, we also send you a letter and a checklist that explain why and what’s missing.

When you send your application back, make sure you

  • add any document or information that was missing the first time and include the letter and checklist we sent you
  • write a letter that explains why you’re changing or updating your information, or why you can’t get the document we requested

You can use all the same documents and payment receipts to apply again. Make sure the signatures are still valid.

  • We must get your application within 90 days from the date you signed it.
  • The date you signed it can’t be in the future (postdated).

If you need to, you can fill out, sign and date new forms.

You should also read the application guide to see if anything changed since the last time you applied.

The processing time only starts the day we receive your complete application. If we returned your application by mistake, we’ll use the date we first received your application.

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