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My application has been returned, because it’s incomplete. Do I have to recalculate my physical presence (time lived in Canada)?

Check the letter we send with your incomplete application. It tells you if you have to recalculate your physical presence.

You must recalculate your physical presence if your application was returned because

  • the application form and the calculator printout were signed on different dates
  • your calculation is incorrect
    • double-check your calculation
    • include all the times you spent outside Canada in 3 out of the last 5 years
  • you didn’t sign or date your application form or calculation
  • you submitted an outdated application form
  • it’s dated either
    • more than 90 days before we receive it, or
    • into the future (post-dated)

Make sure the application form and the calculator printout have the same date of signature.

What to do if we return your incomplete application

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