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What proof do I need for changes to my information after I was invited to apply to sponsor my parents?

If the information on your application won’t match what you entered in the interest to sponsor form, you’ll need to

  • complete your application with the updated information and
  • include a letter explaining any changes, as well as proof of those changes

For an address change

Proof could include

  • a copy of a bill with your name and new address on it
  • a copy of a new driver’s license with your new address on it
  • a rental agreement
  • the deed to a home

You should include as much information to support your claim as you can.

For a name change

If your name is different on your status in Canada document (citizenship certificate, PR card, etc.) than on your other supporting documents (like your birth certificate), you should include

  • proof that explains the name change, like
    • legal documents you submitted to change your name
    • confirmation documents showing your name was legally changed
    • marriage or divorce certificates
  • a letter of explanation

You should apply under the name that's printed on your status in Canada document.

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