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Why can’t I see some of my client files in the permanent residence or citizenship tracker?

This could be because

  1. Your party ID isn’t valid any more

    Your party ID may have been updated as you added new client applications to your file. 

    In this case, get your new party ID and register for a new account to see your clients’ applications. 

  2. You have more than 1 party ID

    You might have more than 1 party ID, linked to different client applications. To access them:

  1. get your party IDs
    • check any different names or email addresses you used in the past to find them
  2. create an account with each party ID and log in to see the client files linked to each one

If you still can’t see some of your client files, you can contact us. Include as many details as possible about the application you’re trying to access.

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