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How long is a post-graduation work permit valid?

A post-graduation work permit (PGWP) may be valid anywhere between eight months and up to three years. The length of your permit will depend on the length of the study program you completed in Canada. The permit won’t be longer than the length of your study program. Find out more about how long a PGWP can be valid.

If your passport expires before your PGWP should

Make sure your passport is valid for the entire length of time you should be eligible for. If your passport expires earlier:

  • we’ll only issue you a PGWP that’s valid until your passport expires
  • we’ll tell you if you need to extend it to get the full validity

You can only extend a PGWP if we tell you to. If this happens, you have to apply on paper to extend your PGWP so that it’ll be valid for the full length it should be.

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