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Can I come to Canada before I receive my POE Letter?

IEC participants: Requirements for travel to Canada

Only IEC participants with a Port of Entry Letter of Introduction and a valid job offer are eligible to travel to Canada right now. You must also be able to start your job as soon as you complete your quarantine. Check the start date on your job offer before you travel.

To learn more about restrictions for travel to Canada and additional testing and quarantine requirements use the Flying to Canada requirements checklist.

We strongly recommend you wait until you receive your Port of Entry (POE) Letter before travelling to Canada. If you do not have your POE Letter when you arrive at a Canadian port of entry, you will not get a work permit. The Border Services Officer will decide if you may be admitted as a visitor (tourist). As a visitor, you are not allowed to work.

If you are in Canada when you receive your POE Letter, you must:

  • leave the country, and
  • re-enter at any port of entry to receive your work permit.

If you plan to leave and re-enter Canada through the United States, you must meet US immigration requirements. Contact the nearest US Embassy or Consulate to find out if you meet these requirements.

See also My IEC work permit application was approved, but I don’t want to work yet. Can I enter Canada as a visitor for now?

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