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Is there a limit on the number of caregiver applications you accept under the pilots?

Yes. We only process up to 5,500 applications each year under the caregiver pilots:

  • 2,750 applications for the Home Child Care Provider Pilot
  • 2,750 applications for the Home Support Worker Pilot

If your application is incomplete or we receive it after the limit has been reached, we return it to you along with your processing fees.

Home Child Care Provider Pilot

We’ve received at least 2,750 applications under the Home Child Care Provider pilot. This means

  • the pilot is closed to new applications for 2021
  • we’ll return any other applications we receive and refund the fees

The pilot will reopen to new applications on January 1, 2022. You can also look into other options for caregivers in Canada. Caregivers who are already in Canada could also have the opportunity to apply for permanent residence through the recently announced temporary residence to permanent residence pathway for essential workers.

Home Support Worker Pilot

We’re not close to reaching the cap for the Home Support Worker Pilot. You can still apply under this pilot. We’ll update this page if and when we close this pilot to new applications for 2021.

If you already submitted an application

You don’t need to contact us about an application you submitted in 2020 or 2021 under either pilot. We’ll send you a notification letter as soon as possible to confirm we’ve received your application. It may take longer than usual for you to get this letter due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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