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Pay the Open Work Permit Holder fee

If the Web portal for Authorized Paid Representatives is not triggering the “Open Work Permit Holder” fee for programs that require it, you must make the payment manually.

Find out who is eligible for an open work permit.

Pay your fees when you apply

You will be prompted to pay all your fees automatically during the application process. To pay your fees online, you must have a:

Pay online after you apply

If you are not asked to pay the Open work permit holder fee during your application, you can still pay online:

  1. Select Temporary Residence for a list of fee options.
  2. Select the Open Work Permit Holder fee.
  3. Follow the instructions to complete your payment. Save a copy of your receipt to your computer.
  4. Attach your receipt using the Letter of Explanation option in the document checklist of your online application.

You may then proceed with your application normally.

For more detailed instructions, read the Pay the fees section of your programs’ application guide.

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