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Pay to add a spouse or dependent child after you apply through Express Entry – United States of America

Your fees

These fees are for adding a spouse or dependent child to an Express Entry application after you submit it. You should only pay this way if your family has changed since you submitted your application (for example, you got married or had a child).

We recommend you pay your spouse’s right of permanent residence fee (CAN$500) now to avoid future delays. You must pay it before they become a permanent resident.

Fees $CAN

Include your spouse or partner

Processing fee ($825) and right of permanent residence fee ($500)

Include your spouse or partner (without right of permanent residence fee) 825
Include a dependent child 225(per child)

If you or your family need to give biometrics, pay your biometrics fees at the same time you pay your other fees. Pay all fees using the same payment method.

Biometrics (if required)
Fees $CAN
Biometrics – per person 85

Biometrics – per family (2 or more people)

Maximum fee for a family of 2 or more people applying at the same time and place


How to pay your fees

Pay online

To pay your fees you will need:

After you pay, you will get a confirmation number and a receipt. Find out how to upload your receipt.

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