Official travel – apply for a foreign visa

Official travel services are suspended until further notice

If you need to travel urgently

If you’ve already applied but don’t need to travel urgently, we’ll process your application when services return to normal. Find out how you’re affected by coronavirus (COVID-19)

This section contains information for representatives of the Government of Canada and people travelling on Government of Canada-related business.

Certain countries require that visitors have an entry visa. We provide a visa service for those who are travelling on official government business.

Visa requirements

Find out if you need a visa, how long it will take, and what forms and other requirements you need to apply. Visa requirements can change at any time, so check each time you apply. We strongly advise official travelers to consult with the foreign mission (consular section) of their country of destination.

Note: The processing time for the visa is in addition to the 15 days needed to process your official passport application. We have no control over the time it takes a foreign agency to produce a visa and cannot influence or expedite visa processing times.

Find out if you need a visa

Submit your visa application

If you are applying for a visa for a valid passport, consult the country’s visa requirements and send all required documentation to Official Travel with:

If you are applying for an official passport and a visa at the same time, submit all required documentation (official passport and visa) together.

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