Pay your visitor visa fee – Brazil

Your fees

Depending on your situation, you will need to pay one or more of these fees.

Visitor visas – Fees
Application $CAN BRL
Individual visa Footnote * 100 275
Visitor visa – maximum fee for family 500 1,375
Transit Visa (for less than 48 hours in Canada) 0 0

Note: To be eligible to pay the maximum fee of $500 (in Canadian dollars), family members must all apply at the same time and same place.

Citizens of certain countries and territories have to give their biometrics (fingerprints and photograph) when they apply for a visitor visa, study permit, or work permit. Find out if you need to give biometrics.

Biometrics (if required) – Fees
Application $CAN BRL
Individual 85 235
Family 170 465
Group of entertainers – 3 or more 255 700

Note: The biometrics fee covers the cost of collecting fingerprints and a digital photo. It also covers the VAC core services for clients that submitted their application through a VAC.

Core services includes application completeness checks, transmission of applications to the visa office, transporting supporting documents as well as passports to and from the visa office and online application tracking services.

How to pay your fees

Pay and apply online

You will be asked to pay your fees when you submit your application through your account. You can pay this fee with a credit card (or prepaid card) from:

  • Visa®
  • MasterCard® or
  • American Express®

This is the only way you can pay this fee when applying online.

Pay online and apply on paper

You can only use this option if submitting a paper application.

If you are applying online, payment is only allowed when you submit your application through your account.

To pay your fees online you will need:

  • PDF Reader software
  • a printer
  • a Visa®, MasterCard® or American Express® credit card (prepaid cards are accepted)
  • a valid email address.

When you finish, you must:

  • print a receipt of your payment
  • include it with your paper application

Pay my fees online

Apply on paper and pay as per instructions below

If you decide to apply on paper, payment is done when you submit your application. You can pay your fees by following the payment instructions below. When you finish, you must include the payment or proof of payment with your paper application.

Before you pay

  • You must include with your application payment or proof of payment (e.g. receipt, bank draft)
  • If your application is received without the correct processing fee, it will be returned without processing.
  • When your fee has been paid and processed, keep this receipt for your records.
  • Processing fees are non-refundable regardless of the outcome.
  • Fees are subject to change without notice.
  • Banks may add a service charge.
  • You are responsible for any costs associated with the return of:
    • file
    • processing fee and/or
    • related documents sent in by error.
  • Visa offices cannot accept:
    • receipts for fees paid in Canada;
    • personal cheques;
  • Never send cash by post.

Note: If you are paying additional fees for an application currently being processed the proof of payment must be attached to the letter from our office requesting the additional payment.

Payment instructions

The processing fees can be paid only by direct deposit in Brazilian real.

You can pay the fees at any Banco Bradesco S.A. in Brazil. Your payment should be deposited in cash into the account of the Consulate General of Canada in Sao Paulo (Consulado Geral do Canadá). The branch number is: 2574 and the Consulate's account number is: 20273-8. Do not use ATMs or Internet bank transfers as these forms of payment are not accepted by the Consulate.

The bank will give you a deposit slip which you must include with your application. We will issue you a receipt when we receive your application with your deposit slip.

Where to send your application

Find out where you should send your application
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